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The excavator Casagrande HS-850 before the repairing
The repairing and recovering the excavator Casagrande HS-850

1. The reparing the hydraulic system of excavator:

  • repairing the pums and hydraulic engines
  • repairing solenoid, shut-off, filter bypass и diverter valves
  • repairing hydrodistributors, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic locks

2. The reparing the excavator shassis:

  • repairing the idling sprockets
  • shortening the track length
  • repairing the track stretches

3. The repairing the cab with control system, pre-setting the cabin computers and safety systems:

  • repairing the glazing of cab, installation the windscreen wipers
  • repair and installation of cab joystick
  • recovery of control desk

4. The reparing the superstructure:

  • deinstallation of boom, change of guidings
  • repairing the rotated platform
  • repairing the hydraulic engines for tube coiling

5. Other works:

  • manufacturing the set-up for tests and tuning of control pump
  • coating the shassis, boom and mounted equipment
  • repairing and coating the oil pump
  • replacing the cab seats
  • manufacturing and replacing the tubes.

On the page there are few photos of some most important stages of excavator repairing and gif-animation.

Diagnostics of main excavator units
Reparing the hydraulic system of Casagrande excavator
Click for gif-animation of reparing the excavator Casagrande HS-850
Hydraulic system after reparing
Hydraulic system after reparing
Hydraulic system after reparing
Recovering  the excavator Casagrande HS-850 The excavator Casagrande HS-850 after recovering The excavator Casagrande HS-850 after recovering
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