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Technical support of concerto shows
Assembly works of industry plants
Main activities.
  • Rent, repair and sale of mobile cranes/equipment/spare parts of Russian and foreign manufactures.

  • Assembling/dismantling the metal-ware and reinforced concrete structures; lifting works (including unique) and installation of air-conditioners, billboards and other building structures of any complexity with using the mobile and truck cranes up to 63 t lifting capacity and 55 m boom length.

  • Lifting the domes, bells and crosses of churches and cathedrals.

  • Lifting the motorboats, yachts and prize autocars.

  • Assembling/dismantling the different structures at attraction parks, concerto shows festivals.

  • Wreckling after road and other incidents - lifting the autocars, heavy cars, trucks, bulldozers and other.

  • Repairing the hydraulic pumps and engines of Japan, Germany and USA manufactures; recovering the parts and units of hydraulic system.

  • Repairing the cabin heaters.

  • Repairing and pre-setting the cabin computers and safety systems.

  • Consultations concerned of complicated assembling and lifting works.
Technical support of Moscow celebration
Assemly works of concrete plants
Installation of billboards
Assembling the structures at attraction park, Moscow
Lifting of the church and cathedral domes
Assembling the structures of Ferris wheel at attraction park, Ramenskoe city
Lifting of prize autocars on the podium
Lifting the tank  truck after road incident Wrecking the fast sticked bulldozer Lifting the autocar and concreate truck after road incident Lifting the motorboats and yachts
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